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The Best Way to Get a Job: The TAG Method

Discover the fastest path to your dream job. Skip tedious applications and resume tweaks. Learn from billionaires, master networking, and unleash your potential. Embrace a game-changing approach and secure your future effortlessly.
The Best Way to Get a Job: The TAG Method
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Let me teach you the fastest way to get a job you love. You won’t need to spend another minute filling out job applications, or tweaking your resume, or any of that boring stuff that never leads to a job offer or a promising future. Forget all that.

Instead, do what billionaires do and follow these three steps:

Pick a worthwhile “Target.”

A company that’s aligned with your values, on a mission you believe in, doing work you love. Ideally they have other employees working there who you could see yourself wanting to be friends with (if you’re friends in the workplace, you’re more likely to stay and enjoy your job).

Do an “Audit” of their business.

Spend AT LEAST two hours (up to a full week) learning everything you can about what they’re working on, where they’re heading, where their strengths and weaknesses lie. What products or services are at the core of their business? Come up with a list of ways that you could help them increase their revenue without damaging their brand. Do your homework! Know everything you can possibly find about this business. This sets the stage for you to get a job.

Give them a “Gift.”

This is where the magic happens. Send them an email saying you’re a huge fan, and you want to help them on their mission. Say that instead of telling them you’re right for the job, you want to show them. And then present them with your gift — your game plan, or project, or offer to help them for free, or something they can implement as is (with minimal effort on their part) that will truly help their business. Prove to them that you’re “ready to hire” by doing the job in advance.

SHOW, don’t tell. Telling is what amateurs do. And basically EVERYONE who applies for a job is an amateur. They lazily fire off a resume and a cover letter, effectively saying “See how great I am! Now try and guess how good I’ll be if you pay me.” Then they wait around for an employer to bless them with an interview and a paycheck, to say “Okay, now you may work.” When in reality, the employer is dealing with hundreds or thousands of these faceless applications that all say the same thing and do nothing to add value to their business. It’s all guess work.

Don’t be the amateur. Stand out. It’s super easy. Just DO THE WORK in advance. Act like you’ve already been hired.

This works at EVERY LEVEL. I know multiple billionaires who have employed it. Read these case studies of how Jack Dorsey (founder of Square and Twitter) and Ryan Graves (Uber’s head of Global Ops) did it.

Two years ago, I had a call with a guy named Michael Ovitz. He was the former CEO of Disney, and the founder of CAA, the most powerful talent agency in Hollywood. He told me he got his start by doing lots of free work, and he rose to unprecedented power by just DOING THE WORK before anyone hired him.

Warren Buffet, who currently has a net worth of $67 Billion, had this to say about working for free:

“I had a professor, Ben Graham, I offered to go to work for him for nothing. He said, “You’re overpriced.” Nonetheless, I went into the business. I will guarantee, you will do well at whatever turns you on. There’s no question about that. Don’t let anybody else tell you what to do. You figure out what you are doing.”

What are you waiting for? Why do you need someone to hire you to DO WHAT YOU WANT? Just go do it. Assign yourself a project. Stop waiting around for some random employer to tell you how to live your life.

This is the fastest path to loving your job, doing meaningful work, and being financially secure.

Target. Audit. Gift.

TAG! You’re hired!