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Is Pokémon Go Better than Anti-Depressants?

Is Pokémon Go Better than Anti-Depressants?
Photo by Akin Cakiner / Unsplash

Tons of people are saying that Pokemon Go is reducing their symptoms of mental illness (even PTSD). Instead of sitting indoors feeling socially isolated, they’re walking around in the sunshine, having guilt-free fun, talking and laughing with people.

This got me thinking about which apps are most helpful when you’re in the thick of an emotional downturn. My favorites are:

  1. Nike Training (free).
  2. The 5-Minute Journal ($2.99)
  3. Pokemon Go (free).
  4. Ham Horn (free). Inject this app into any conversation and crack everyone up.
  5. HeartRateFree (free). A lot of people freak out about their heart, and this reminds you that you’re actually fine.

You don’t need apps, really. It’s almost stupidly easy to feel better. Go outside for a few hours, move around in the sun, and have guilt-free fun with people.

Having said that… What are your favorite apps for boosting happiness?