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How Play Helps Real Estate Brokers Sell Million Dollar Listings

Ryan Serhant, the top real estate broker in NY and #6 in the US, trains his sales team through play. By incorporating games into training sessions, he encourages creative thinking and fosters a positive team dynamic. Play proves to be an effective tool for boosting sales and driving growth.
How Play Helps Real Estate Brokers Sell Million Dollar Listings
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden / Unsplash

Ryan Serhant is ranked the #1 real estate broker in New York, and #6 in the nation (Wall Street Journal – Real Trends, 2015). He is the star of Bravo’s Emmy Nominated “Million Dollar Listing – New York.” He also works for Nest Seekers International, one of the fastest growing real estate firms in NYC.

How does Serhant train his sales team? Through play.

“Early morning improv class with my team in the The Serhant Team New York office.This is the best exercise any sales team can do, by far.People always ask me what kind of coaching I have my agents do, or which mentors we use, and the answer is none. I use improv. Every new agent must take an improv class.Bryan Atienza was the first agent I did this with almost 4 years ago when he was doing rentals in New Jersey. Now he has FOUR new development projects and is in the planning stages for TWO more.Improv isn’t just for actors. It’s for humans.It forces you to think on your feet. It makes you say YES and then figure it out. Do you think I’d be here today if I said “Let me think about it?” every time an opportunity came my way?Don’t ponder. Say Yes.”

Further proof that play can boost sales.