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Welcome Tim Ferriss readers!

The launch for my book Play It Away just started… My first guest post is on Tim Ferriss’ blog — Preventing Burnout: A Cautionary Tale. Be sure to check it out.
Welcome Tim Ferriss readers!
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The launch for my book Play It Away just started…

My first guest post is on Tim Ferriss’ blog — Preventing Burnout: A Cautionary Tale. Be sure to check it out.


Me, speaking on the topic of play at NCS Retreat

Many thanks to all of my friends for helping me spread the word. Thrilled to have you guys in my corner :)

P.S. Check out some of these excerpts from Amazon reviewers:

“This book gave me an afterglow that lasted weeks. It gave me hope. I can’t remember a book that ever made me feel so good.”
“Eye-opening, life-changing book!!! I really connected and related to this. I’m ready to play again!!! A heavy weight has been lifted.”“This book cured my anxiety, and I feel that everyone who is suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression or agoraphobia needs to read it… I’m writing this to you, four months after reading the book (I had the good fortune of reading an advanced copy), almost entirely cured from all symptoms. I literally have not had a panic attack in four months. I finally feel just about back to my normal self… This is the best resource I’ve ever found on the subject, and it changed my life.”
“There is NOWHERE else where you will find the same information compiled in such an easy to digest and execute manner. I have read other books on mental health issues and anxiety, and even the ones that are actionable focus on a clinical route (i.e. medication and therapy) or scammy nutritional advice (buy my exclusive line of supplements), rather than the small things you could do in you everyday life that make a huge difference, which is what Play It Away focuses on. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or working yourself to death, this is the absolute best place you can start.”
“We are playing catch at my office everyday for lunch now, which has been great for our moral!”“No matter where you look, all the advice you seek is probably going to revert in some way to how to get more done, make more money, be more profitable, or achieve external indicators of success. Play It Away instead explores a notion that may be far more productive: take a deep breath, step back from your work, and make time for what we as humans were born to do – play. The results, quite literally, will astound you.”
“Even if you aren’t depressed or anxious like I was, this is a book that everyone should read at some point in their life. My sister, who does not have any type of depression or anxiety, read this book and loved it. She said it was such a positive and helpful book for living a truly happy life.”