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Sell the messenger

People often fear revealing themselves online due to potential judgment. Yet, sharing personal views, though open to critique, also engages others. Establishing trust on a personal level, like through my "What's Hoehn like?" page, promotes authenticity. Selling the messenger simplifies things.
Sell the messenger
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

I think a lot of people/companies are afraid of opening themselves up on the web. It can be slightly intimidating to think about all the strangers who will judge you for being yourself.  But making your opinions and personality susceptible to attack is also what engages people.

That “What’s Hoehn like?” page up top has no obvious value.  But it’s on this site to let you know I’m a person with a life outside of all this.  If you can trust me on a personal level, it’s a lot easier for me to be authentic.

Sell the messenger first.  It makes things a lot easier.