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Don’t diss new ideas

The Squidoo tag project concluded, and a variant of my suggestion made it to the top three finalists. My initial proposal was "Release your expertise." It morphed into "Unleash your expertise," a more empowering phrase.
Don’t diss new ideas
Photo by Ferhat Deniz Fors / Unsplash

The Squidoo tag project has now reached its deadline.  I’m happy to say that a variation of one of my suggestions has reached the top three finalists.  I originally proposed “Release your expertise.”  It’s now “Unleash your expertise.”  Doesn’t exactly rhyme but it sounds more empowering.

Seth imparted this wisdom upon us:

The thing that impressed me the most, overall, was the wacky
boundaryless brainstorming. There were some absolutely terrible
ideas, and yet no one jumped all over them, no one wasted time
quietly dissing them. You stretched boundaries in a bunch of
ways and that’s an extraordinary talent. Don’t lose that… not
next week or in ten years. It’s essential and it’s rare.
Fewer of you got the strategic part. A key part of thinking
strategically when it comes to marketing is to empathize with
the reader. I don’t care if you like something. I don’t care if
I like something. I care about what the market will do. I care
about what the high-influence, listening individual will do.
This is a tough knack to learn, and very difficult to teach. But
with practice, you get it.

I’m amazed at how much effort we put into this little project.  We’re going to do some incredible things this summer.