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Just so you're not waiting too long for a response, here are my answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions I receive:

Can I interview you on my podcast?

I really appreciate you considering me, but I'm taking a break from media.

Are you available to speak at our upcoming event?

Maybe! Best to email my assistant, Jo, who manages my schedule and can let you know → jo@charliehoehn.com

Are you taking on new clients?

Possibly, but unlikely. I work with just a handful of clients per year and go super deep with them. In order to be considered (invite-only), you need to go through a minimum of one paid coaching call HERE

If you're still interested, book a call at that link or email my assistant, who can give you a clear answer on availability → jo@charliehoehn.com

Can you help me with my anxiety?

The best I can offer is my book and YouTube videos, check them out.

What was it like working with (insert famous author)?

You can learn more about it HERE and HERE.

Stay Playful... 🛝