Charlie has two decades of experience as a Creative Director and Video Editor. On this page, you’ll find a list of his most popular videos (scroll down).

For the last two decades, I’ve played for a living as a Creative Director.

I’ve made over 1,000 videos, the majority during my six years as Head of Video at Scribe Media. Directing and editing are my specialties, though I enjoy all aspects of production.

  1. Homeless Student Reunites With High School Teacher (2M views)
  2. David Goggins Sizzle Reel "Never Finished" (2M views)
  3. Magatte Wade's "The Truth About Tom's Shoes" (2M views)
  4. David Goggins Sizzle Reel “Can’t Hurt Me” (1M views)
  5. Magatte Wade's "A Tour of Africa" (1M views)
  6. Henry Ford Was a Genius (1M views)
  7. Black History Month (894K views)
  8. Roe vs. Wade: CEO’s Story (720K views)
  9. Lands’ End Messed Up (605K views)
  10. JCPenney’s CEO (397K views)
  11. CEO Raises All Salaries 8.3 Percent (273K views)
  12. Managers: Stop Doing This (247K views)
  13. What a Panic Attack Feels Like (122K views)
  14. How to Message Busy People (106K views)
  15. The Problem with Funerals (100K views)
  16. Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook (86K views)
  17. CEO Goes to Therapy (80K views)
  18. Facing My Anxiety (74K views)
  19. How to Cure Anxiety: Play (59K views)

If you are interested in collaborating on a video project, please contact me here.