Want to Work Together? I’m Hiring.

What if you could make a living doing work that truly mattered? What if you were paid to pursue your dreams? What if you never had to compete for soul-sucking jobs on CareerBuilder and Craigslist? What if — instead of having just a few Elon Musks, Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowlings, and Richard Bransons in o

What if you could make a living doing work that truly mattered?

What if you were paid to pursue your dreams?

What if you never had to compete for soul-sucking jobs on CareerBuilder and Craigslist?

What if — instead of having just a few Elon Musks, Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowlings, and Richard Bransons in our world — we had thousands?


To provide a better path, so we can avoid a lifetime of meaningless jobs…

To empower those who wish to chase their dreams…

To unleash thousands of world-changing entrepreneurs…

To enable those who wish to serve mankind…


For the past six years, I’ve studied the most explosive and impactful careers of all-time (and taught their strategies to hundreds of thousands of people through my bestselling book, a popular TEDx talk, and keynote speeches). And this year, my team and I put together our most meaningful product to date…

Land a Job You Love: A Master Course with Charlie Hoehn


This program reveals the world’s most effective career strategy — used by uber-achievers like Warren Buffet, Jim Carrey, and Tim Ferriss — as a step-by-step formula that anyone can use. Even in a bad economy, this course is designed to liberate frustrated job hunters from meaningless jobs. This is the blueprint for getting paid to do work that matters.

The course contains video lessons, worksheets, success story interviews, and more. Students can use these materials to create careers they love, while avoiding mindless entry-level jobs (or months of painful unemployment).

Here’s how we’re marketing the course…

My team and I built an amazing system that helps hundreds of job-hunters for free, every single week. Here’s how it works:

  1. We advertise a free webinar on Facebook, and people sign up to attend…
  2. They watch my 60-minute webinar, where they learn five common mistakes that lead to miserable careers
  3. At the end of the webinar, they’re asked to sign up for a free coaching call with me.

Dozens of people sign up for these calls every week. In every call, I just listen to them and take notes. I ask what they don’t like about their career. I ask them where they want to go, and they tell me why they haven’t been able to get there yet. I encourage them to dream bigger. Then we talk about how their current trajectory might hold them back.

If I’m 100% confident that we can improve their situation by working together — and assuming I want to work with them — I will encourage them to sign up for coaching with me. Some take the offer, some turn it down. Either way, the purpose of the call is to help them find clarity and direction in their career.


Getting the right people into this coaching program is eating up all of my time. I can no longer be the only person doing these on-boarding calls.

In order to make the impact we want, we need to expand our team. We need quality people handling these on-boarding coaching calls. We need your help.

I’ve done over 100 hours of free coaching during these sales calls, all by myself. While I enjoy the process, it’s hurting my ability to help others. It’s unscalable and unsustainable for me to continue handling these myself.

What’s worse is that I’m compromising our vision. We want this program to create thousands of world-changing entrepreneurs. We want our coaching to empower those who wish to chase their dreams and help mankind.

Most job hunters want more than just the information in my course. In order to get greater results in less time, they need support, motivation, accountability, and honest feedback. Plus, no one wants to do this journey on their own.


This is not like most lame sales jobs.

I am not asking you to cold-call a bunch of random people. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

(You’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, right? That’s not what we’re doing here.)

Your job is to simply LISTEN to the people who have requested our help. You’ll get on the phone with each person for up to 60 minutes, ask them questions about their situation, and — if you believe we can help them — sign them up for our premium coaching program. It’s not selling as much as it is qualifying.

(In other words: You’re not acting like car salesman; you are acting like a doctor. Diagnose the problem, prescribe the solution.)

All you have to do is look at your calendar, call the people who book appointments (i.e. Strategy Sessions), ask them questions, LISTEN, take notes, and sign them up for coaching if it makes sense. That’s it. We’ll even give you the list of questions to ask to make it as easy as possible.

There are NO high-pressure or pushy sales tactics here. These aren’t cold leads; they are people who WANT HELP. You are simply asking them questions to see if they could benefit from personalized coaching.

During these calls, your goal is to accomplish three things:
  1. Determine if they are a good fit to work with us (i.e. Will we be able to get them the results they’re looking for?)
  2. Determine if we are a good fit to work with them (i.e. Are they the type of person we’d love to work with?)
  3. If the answers to both #1 and #2 are ‘Hell Yes!’, then offer them the opportunity to join our private coaching program.


Because we only want to work with students who sincerely want to make an impact.I want to dedicate as much of my time to coaching the people who will actually do the work necessary to get the results they want. Your job is to qualify these callers and find the motivated ones. The people who are truly ready and worthy of being coached.It’s a simple task, but it’s not easy. My coaching is not for everyone (right now, it costs $5,000 for 6 weeks). At the same time, I don’t want to work with anybody who can afford it. If they’re not dedicated or they’re just not a good fit, coaching them will be a lose-lose.   I want to work with students who are ambitious, fun, and totally committed to having a meaningful career (not lazy people looking for “tips” on how to get an entry-level job).



Do you like working at home? Or at a coffee shop? Or the library? Or while traveling? Great! I’ve worked in all of those settings, and encourage you to work however you’d like. I want you to live life on your terms, while doing work you care about.As long as you have internet and phone access, and you show up for calls, you can work from anywhere you wish.


In the past year, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from doing these calls. Now you can, too.Doing sales calls is one of the best ways to learn the skills of an entrepreneur. You will gain a better understanding of people’s problems, and how to find a solution to their problems. You’ll gain the entrepreneurial superpowers of compassion and adaptibility.I will also be there to coach you every step of the way, showing you what’s worked for me, and giving you everything you need to succeed in this role (including call scripts and closing techniques).

If you have any visions of starting your own business or coaching program at some point, this will be an extremely valuable learning experience. Let me pay you to learn these skills.


The two biggest determinants of long-term happiness are (1) doing work you love and (2) passing time with people you love.My goal is to help students land careers that will bring them long-term happiness — financially, psychologically, and spiritually. That’s what you’ll be selling to people around the world: Happiness.


I will pay you a base salary every 30 days for the first few months while we develop a commission plan. We don’t know the right way to do this yet, but I want to find out together with you.

Note: If you want more cash right now and you’re mostly interested in this for the money, go find an established company that has an entire sales system in place already. If you want learning and growth, join us so you can work directly with our team.

We’ll have to create this sales commission plan not just for you, but for every future sales rep as well. So this won’t be an easy job upfront.

We expect you to show up for your calls, ask the questions provided, LISTEN, take notes, then have them explain why it makes sense to sign up for coaching. That’s it. No cold-calling or any nonsense. You just need to look at your calendar each day, and make the calls.


Fill out the form below. We’ll review your application, and follow up with training materials if it’s a good fit.