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Career Coaching & Support with Charlie Hoehn

Learn How to Get Started as an Entrepreneur and Create Your Own Dream Job in 6 Weeks

Tired of applying for dead-end jobs?


Need 1-on-1 coaching? No worries. It comes with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Finally!  Learn how to become an entrepreneur and create your dream job, even if you don’t know where to start — no ideas, skills, or experience.

If you’re an ambitious professional who’s ready to work on projects you love, all while getting paid to have priceless experiences and access to brilliant “unreachable” pros, read on…

Over the past five years, I’ve taught Recession-Proof Graduate principles to people all around the world. I’ve talked with hundreds of folks from all different backgrounds — college graduates, single mothers, retirees who have re-entered the work force, solo entrepreneurs, med and law students, Europeans, Asians, South Americans, 1%-ers, blue collar Americans, and even homeless people.

One of the things that continually surprises me is how so many of us share the exact same hopes, fears, and dreams:

We DON’T want to live in our parent’s basement indefinitely, living a sex-less life where “becoming an adult” and getting married / having kids / buying a house are forever delayed because of the recession…

We DO want to have an extra $20,000 that we can use to travel to New York, or Hawaii, or Brazil, or Thailand (and maybe meet a few beautiful exotic lovers along the way)…

We DON’T want to live in the plot of “Office Space”: getting stuck at a meaningless desk job that we barely tolerate, staring at computer screens all day long…

We DO want to start our own business (ideally one that earns passive income), so that we can make extra money on the side, and live the life of an entrepreneur who creates value for society…

We DON’T want to feel like we’re constantly drowning in debt, while working in dead-end, low wage jobs that barely pay the bills…

We DO want fun nights out and trips with our friends without wincing in pain every time we reach for a bill and say “I got this”…

We DON’T want to feel anxious and sick, living our lives in fear of whether we’ll survive in a crumbling global economy and post-apocalyptic world…

We DO want to feel energetic and excited when we wake up, ready to embrace life and make a positive change to our culture, and to work toward creating a more sustainable way of living…

Here’s the good news: You can learn and attain all of the things that you DO want, while avoiding all of the things that you DON’T want. I’m going to teach you — for the next six weeks — how to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

The cost? Totally free.

And best of all: I’m going to help steer you away from all the hidden sources of stress and unhappiness that, frankly, a lot of us unknowingly buy into.

Now, I won’t pretend I know all the answers. I don’t. But I do have the advantage of having experienced A LOT, and spending years hanging out with a bunch of brilliant self-made entrepreneurs who taught me their wisdom.

An interesting thing I kept noticing — over and over — is that even though these people literally made their dreams come true, many of them still weren’t happy. (For awhile, I was one of those people)

They felt like there was something missing. And often, they were too confused or ashamed to admit it, because they couldn’t really explain it to themselves.

They didn’t understand why external validation wasn’t permanently rewarding. They didn’t understand why they no longer felt like themselves.

Before you embark on this path, you need to know that this can happen to you too. You can achieve everything you want, and still feel unhappy. You need to understand why this happens, so you can avoid the pitfalls of success (yes, I am preparing you to succeed because I expect it to happen).

I want to show you the top three MYTHS of happiness, success, and prestige that you’ve probably been unconsciously chasing during your adult life. These are the narratives that have been playing in your mind. They are stories — myths. I’m going to point them out, and then I’m going to tell you the truth.

MYTH #1  –  Be an Entrepreneur!

So many of us believe that we ought to become an entrepreneur. Why? Is it because the media feeds us endless success stories, like Mark Zuckerberg creating a multi-billion dollar company from his dorm room? Is it because Steve Jobs is the Jesus of capitalism, and Apple is the coolest brand that’s everywhere you look?

At some point, being an entrepreneur became a sexy and prestigious pursuit. And it wasn’t without good reason. You get to be your own boss, you get to work on your own projects, you can earn an unlimited amount of money, and people admire you for blazing your own path. To everyone else, the phrase “I’m working at a startup” means you are doing something super cool, rather than what you could have realistically said: “I’m working 18 hour days at a small business that isn’t making any money.”

THE TRUTH: Entrepreneurship is stressful. It’s a ton of work to create and run a new business, and there is SO much to learn. And while taking an idea and making it into a reality is a noble (even magical) endeavor, it’s also a highly likely path to failure. It’s been shown over and over that 90% of businesses go under within the first few years. Why? Because most “entrepreneurs” completely fail to do the TWO THINGS that actually matter: (1) sell something that people want to pay for, (2) earn more money than you spend.

These are the often overlooked (yet painfully obvious) distinctions between “successful entrepreneurs” and “failures.” And it’s something I will hammer into the minds of everyone who takes my course. Because in order to stay in business and thrive as an entrepreneur, you have to earn a lot more money than you spend. And you simply can’t do that if you’re not selling something that people want to pay for.

What you will learn in the course will open up doors to earning money and creating your own dream jobs for the rest of your life: figuring out people’s problems, coming up with unique solutions, getting results, and charging people who are willing to pay. It’s a simple process that you can use for the rest of your life to earn a living, do meaningful work, and form relationships with amazing people.

MYTH #2  –  Travel the world!

I can’t tell you how many young people I’ve met who “just want to travel the world.” I’ll admit- I was one of those people, and many of my friends have openly expressed their envy that I’ve had a chance to travel around so much. While it’s true that everyone should be exposed to different cultures and perspectives, and that we should all try to experience the wonders of nature that are readily available with a $200 flight… traveling the world isn’t all its cracked up to be.

THE TRUTH: Some of the un-happiest people I’ve met over the last few years were perpetual travelers. They were secretly exhausted and lonely, because they never had a feeling of “home,” they never had any long-term friends around them, and they never really DID anything. They just moved around from place to place, took cool photos that made their lives look exciting, and usually returned home penniless (most travelers don’t have any source of income).

Sure, there are a lot of perks to traveling. Sometimes you experience things you wouldn’t trade for the world — a feeling of true independence; a priceless memory with a fellow traveler; a chance encounter with love. And sometimes you feel so much better in certain environments that you just want to move there.

But there’s a small problem: you don’t want to leave your friends and family behind.

And that’s the bad part about travel — it rarely allows you to form deep lasting relationships, which is the single most important factor for an individual’s long-term happiness!

What people THINK they need in order to be happy is to travel the world. What they ACTUALLY need is to spend consistent quality time with people they love (that’s why if you’re going to travel, do it with great friends that you love spending time with).

You can be in the most amazing place in the world — on your dream vacation — and feel intensely lonely and miserable. You can also be sitting in a cardboard box, hungry, and cold… and loving your life because you’re singing and laughing with people you love.

For some reason, many of us buy into the myth that travel will make us a better, more interesting, cooler person who everyone else admires. The truth is that spending quality time with great friends is what will actually make you happy.

MYTH #3  –  Be a Millionaire!

I’ve met five billionaires, and dozens of millionaires. Some are wonderful people, others are miserable jerks. Some are loving, radiant, and healthy, others are broken and look like death.

THE TRUTH: Money doesn’t mean ANYTHING if you feel, look, and act awful. The single hardest lesson I’ve learned over the years is that HEALTH IS WEALTH. How you feel on the inside is far greater than any big number you achieve in your bank account. And ironically, if you focus on being a healthier person, you actually tend to achieve more success and earn more money as a side effect.

We will maintain a holistic focus in this course. Your career is important, sure, but taking care of your body and mind will help you become a “health millionaire.” Because every child who is healthy is happy. But as we grow older, we get into bad habits that gradually diminish our health — we eat unnatural foods, drink alcohol, take pills, sit around all day, stay indoors… then we wonder why life doesn’t feel as great as it used to.

Is it any surprise? Our bad habits break us down!

Having a million dollars is cool, but you know what’s cooler? Being ridiculously healthy, naturally energetic, and effortlessly at peace. And if you continually work on making your body and mind healthier, you can earn true happiness and vivacity. You can free yourself from anxiety and depression, naturally crave physical activity, and be filled with joy and gratitude.

In this course, you’re going to learn the simple ways to do this. No treadmills, no starvation diets. Just simple changes that will make you a little bit happier and healthier, every day.

How to Become An Entrepreneur…

Without Becoming A Miserable Burnout

The truth is that there is a BALANCE that all of us can achieve…

We can create dream jobs, where we get paid great money to do work we love. And we can also surround ourselves with wonderful people, fill our days with laughter, and have the freedom to do all the things we desire — feeling healthy, traveling (with friends), going out, moving into our own place, and continually refining our lifestyle to suit our needs.

That’s what this course is about. Finding the balance. And I’m ready to teach you how.

All the lessons and experiences and wisdom I’ve distilled over the last six years of working with the masters and studying the “I never have to worry about being unemployed” gurus will be released in this course…

7 Reasons You Should Join This Course

1.  Discover and land your dream job with professional help.

You want to find work that you love and get paid to do it? There are few people more qualified to teach you how to do this than me. I’ve worked with bestselling authors, film companies, world-class entrepreneurs, investors… I’ve received job offers from billionaires, political parties, mega-corporations… and I’ve taught thousands of university students and adults around the country how to land great jobs — and get paid — even in a down economy.

2.  It’s FREE!

The weekly group lessons won’t cost you a dollar. All you have to do is show up, learn, and ask questions. Totally free to you… unless you want to upgrade:

3.  Intimate 1-on-1 private coaching focused on YOU.

If you decide to upgrade to private coaching, the entire focus will be on helping you discover what you want, and the best steps for you to efficiently attain it.

4.  No more “bad economy” excuses!  No more dead-end jobs!

Isn’t it exhausting feeling like you can never achieve anything because of the economy? Don’t you get tired of applying to lame temporary gigs on Craigslist? Doesn’t it drive you crazy to send cover letters to companies you don’t even want to work for? Stop the desperation madness! There is a way out!

5.  Inspire your family, amaze your friends.

There’s no reason for you to be envious of people who chase their dreams and achieve them, because YOU can be one of those people. I’ve done it myself, and I know dozens of other people who have done the same. It’s not as hard as you think it is to be the person who everyone else admires and respects.

6.  Lifetime access to course materials and group support.

Miss a weekly lesson? No problem. It will be saved and recorded for you to watch when you’re ready.

7.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Don’t be the person who begs other people to “chase your dreams” because you never did it! Instead, become the person who says “Go chase your dreams, just like I did.”

“Who is this for?”This course is for those who are unhappy about their career and need help to get to their dream job. Whether you’re a busy professional who feels bored and anxious at your job, or a recent graduate who wants to do meaningful work… but doesn’t want to accept a lame corporate job on CareerBuilder.The private career coaching is perfect for people who aren’t sure how to get to the next level – whether that’s finding your dream job, or tripling your income at your current job. I can help you do both, and everything in between.In this course, you’ll have your very own motivational coach who will teach you the lifelong wisdom you need to build a career you’ll love. But what makes this course unique, though, is that you’ll be able surrounded by a small group of like-minded peers who will cheer you on and support you during your transition.Even if you have a few unproductive weeks and don’t make any progress, that’s okay – we’ll still be here to encourage you and help with whatever you’re struggling with. No shame, no embarrassment – just a group that wants to see you succeed.

“Why do I need this course?”Even if you have a college degree, there’s a TON of stuff you still have to learn in order to have a successful career. For instance, do you know how to:

  • Write an email to someone you’ve never met, and get them so interested that they hire you on the spot? (I’ll teach members how to do this.)
  • Get clients to write amazing testimonials about you and refer you to their friends, so you have more paid job offers than you know what to do with? (I’ll be teaching members how to do this).
  • How to create a portfolio or blog that attracts the work opportunities that you want?
  • How to set up a system that will allow you to sell your services automatically, without any ongoing effort on your part?
  • How to set premium rates for your services, raise your prices fearlessly, and triple your income? (Yep, I’ll teach members how to do this).
  • How to increase your productivity, have more fun at work, stay healthy, and reduce your stress? (This took me FOREVER to learn, but I finally figured this out too).
  • The exact procedure to follow after getting a client – following the proposal, signing the contract, collecting payment, handling bookkeeping and taxes, etc. (I’ll be showing members the materials and tools I use).

If you want to figure out ALL of these things on your own, you can! There’s plenty of great information, available for free online. Just know it will take a lot of time, effort, and trial-and-error before you really figure out what you’re doing.The reality is that you will stumble, get frustrated along the way, and make a ton of mistakes — just like everyone does when they’re first getting started. OR you can have a coach. You’ll be taught everything you need to know, and be personally guided by me (and supported by like-minded peers) for the next six weeks.We invest decades of our lives (and tens of thousands of dollars) on our general education. Yet when it comes to actually figuring out what we really want to do, or going out and landing a great job, or selling our services for a premium rate, or asking for referrals, or transitioning to a better career, we’re left to figure things out for ourselves… Why? Because we never had the option to have a career coach. We invested all our time and money in something that was useful, but didn’t actually translate to what the real world requires from us: doing work that we love and making money.Now, I am offering to teach you — like I’ve taught thousands of others — how to go about achieving those things. If you’re ready to start building the life that you want, then I’m ready to help you get there. Check out your options below, and hurry.

Don’t Take My Word For It Read A Few Emails From My Students…“Thanks to your advice, I was able to triple my monthly salary — I went from making $4,000 to $12,000 per month… I’m on pace to make 6-figures this year.” – Erin Tyler, Graphic Designer“I graduated in 2008 and dreamed of starting my own business, but didn’t know how to go about actually finding and getting clients. After learning the RPGrad techniques, it felt like suddenly the entire world was open to me. Within a few days I had offered to do free UX and app development work for someone for two weeks, and they ended up being my first client. Now I’ve made thousands of dollars and am planning on doing it full time and starting my own firm. It’s truly a dream come true! Your message was just the breakthrough I needed – take the risk away from people you want to learn from, get out there and jump in with both feet and start learning. It’s so great. Thank you!” – Brice Morrison, Developer“I put your ‘Do free work’ into practice after I saw your TED talk… WOW. That sh*t works! Since then, I’ve had several paid jobs as a result. Thank You!” – Anthony Navarro, Musician

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get

“Create Your Dream Job”


For six weeks, I will offer lessons in how to land paid work you love, create own dream job, and get your start as an entrepreneur. These classes are FREE for every subscriber to my newsletter.

In each class, we will hop on Google Hangout for 60 minutes, go over that week’s lesson, look at case studies, and then answer questions. My goal is to take you from “miserable, inexperienced, and/or unemployed” to “waking up excited for work, getting paid to do what I love.”

PRIVATE COACHING – 8 Spots Available (3 Left!)

SIX Private Coaching Sessions with Charlie. We’ll talk about where you are in your career trajectory, and where you want to go next. Then we’ll come up with milestones and assignments for you to get there in record time. Schedule the calls at your convenience — every other week, once per month — whatever is best for you, I’m happy to accommodate.

Effortless Dream Job. I’ll personally help you set up your portfolio and edit your pitch emails to maximize your odds of landing the work you want. We’ll do a Skype screenshare and walk through all the steps required to make this happen. But there’s more…

Six Weeks of Group Support. Each week, I will host a 60-minute private Google Hangout for all members. Everyone will take turns to discuss their progress, ask questions, share successes and failures, and motivate each other. After the calls, you’ll be able to interact with each other in a private Facebook group. Being surrounded by like-minded people and having consistent interactions with them is essential to your success.

ALL ACCESS – Sold Out!

Join me for an all-expenses paid retreat in Austin, Texas. I will fly you down from anywhere in the U.S., and we’ll spend a full two days devising your career strategy… all while having an awesome fun time. In addition to helping you create a long-term plan to accomplish your goals (and personally assisting you with setting up your own business), we’ll spend one day doing a bunch of fun activities together (like hydro-jet packing, golfing, playing in the park, seeing improv comedy, etc.), seeing and doing anything you’d like. And while you’re here…

I’ll personally help you get set up with EVERYTHING you need to start your own business: Legal documents, email templates, portfolios, best tools for managing projects, pricing recommendations for charging clients, referral scripts, and more. In no time at all, you’ll be positioned as a total pro. But there’s more…

Six (6) Private Coaching Sessions with Charlie. We’ll talk about where you are in your career trajectory, and where you want to go next. Then we’ll come up with weekly milestones and assignments for you to get there in record time. To hold you accountable, we’ll have…

Six Weeks of Group Support. Each week, I will host a 60-minute private Google Hangout for all members. Everyone will take turns to discuss their progress, ask questions, share successes and failures, and motivate each other. After the calls, you’ll be able to interact with each other in a private Facebook group. Being surrounded by like-minded people and having consistent interactions with them is essential to your success.

“What will we talk about in the group calls?”

During our weekly group calls, we’ll focus on common problems that unemployed, underemployed, and unhappily employed people struggle with. We’ll start each call with a quick lesson that will help you take your work to the next level, review relevant case studies, then jump into Q&A.

You’ll have lifetime access to recordings of these sessions, where you will learn hands-on lessons in:
  • How to get started on the path of entrepreneurship, the lifetime wisdom which can ultimately liberate you to quit your job and create a better lifestyle
  • How to set up your online “showcase” to attract paid work offers, and retain prospective customers
  • Word-for-word scripts for quickly landing paid work, keeping clients happy, and getting referrals
  • What to do when you hate your job, and the 3 paths to fix the problem
  • How to stay productive and sane in the world of constant interruptions
  • How to get priceless experience working with professionals in any industry
  • What it really means to “create value,” which allows you to charge a premium for your services
  • How to pay the bills (and survive) while doing free work
  • How to easily transition from free to paid work
  • Financial disaster planning & how to pay off your student loans
  • Q&A — I’ll field any questions you guys have

Not Sure If You Want To Upgrade?

No Worries. I’m Happy To Offer Each Member A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m completely confident that the private coaching sessions will enable you to accomplish your career goals in record time. That’s why I am willing to offer a full money-back guarantee. If you’re disappointed with the service you’ve received after the first month, I’ll give your money back — no hassle, no worries.

I really believe in what I’m offering, because I’ve seen it work for myself and hundreds of others. If now’s not a good time or you’re not ready to buy, no problem. Just know that the prices might go up significantly in the near future.

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