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How to Fix Anxiety, Prevent Burnout, and Boost Creativity (Plus: The Secret to Motivating Millennial Workers) Do you feel anxious, unhappy, and closed off when you’re at work? Do your colleagues spend their week staring at their computers and phones, joylessly grinding out the task at hand? Do you f

How to Fix Anxiety, Prevent Burnout, and Boost Creativity

(Plus: The Secret to Motivating Millennial Workers)

Do you feel anxious, unhappy, and closed off when you’re at work?

Do your colleagues spend their week staring at their computers and phones, joylessly grinding out the task at hand?

Do you feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed when trying to motivate the members of your staff?

If you said “yes” to the above, you will benefit from Charlie’s presentation, which can 2X your employee retention rate.

Burnout at work is a HUGE and increasingly common problem. Failing to preserve workers’ mental health is a mistake businesses can no longer afford to make. Stress and absenteeism costs over $200 BILLION in lost productivity for companies in the United States… EVERY YEAR! Even with minimum wage jobs ($8/hr), the monetary cost of replacing one burned out employee is a minimum of $3,500 (due to recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and initial lowered productivity).

Having a stressed-out worker may not seem like a big deal now, but there’s disaster looming on the horizon. The cost of having a single burned out employee means steadily diminishing productivity throughout the entire company. The lowest performers don’t simply fizzle out in isolation; they are proven to consistently drag down everyone around them! If nothing changes, these employees are at risk of having meltdowns at work (outbursts, panic attacks, quitting) or worse (health problems, substance abuse, suicide attempts). These unexpected events can have a disastrous impact on the morale and brand of the company.

Your company’s most valuable asset is YOUR PEOPLE. And people cannot maximize their potential output if they feel miserable, stressed, and drained. Therefore, it’s your job to keep your team happy and healthy. By methodically reducing their stress levels at work, you can actually boost your employees’ productivity and creativity, and make the office far more harmonious. And in a happy workplace, teamwork thrives and turnover plummets.

If you wish to continue growing your business, you must work with and motivate young people. You need a plan that will not only prevent young talent from burning out, but also attract, retain, and inspire them…

Play It Away — The Corporate Workshop

“Charlie has a unique ability to capture any type of audience and get them to think outside of the box – including innovative hackers and entrepreneurs that never turn off. Instead of the typical internet tycoon, VC, or over-worked startup founder, I wanted to bring in someone with a fresh, philosophical perspective. Even though he was the only one speaking, he had a conversation with every single person in the room. And that influential conversation continued well after he left. It’s very rare to find someone who’s able to give advice to an anonymous audience like they would to their best friend. And that’s what makes Charlie’s talks that much more powerful – you’ll see the tangible effects instantly.” – Anjali Kundra, Startup Weekend Lead Organizer

After years of researching burnout and natural remedies for alleviating stress, I’ve put together a half-day workshop designed to help executives, managers, and employees worry less, wake up happier, and enjoy their work again. Based on my bestselling stress book, Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety (featured on Fast Company, called “The cure to your stress!” by Tony Robbins), this workshop will rejuvenate your company’s morale and productivity.

The week before the workshop, I will conduct a few phone surveys with workers at your company to gauge their current stress levels. I will also speak with managers to assess current efforts of preserving your workers’ mental health.

And then, the workshop will take place…

Participants Will Get To:

  • Explore best practices of top-performing companies that preserve and boost employees’ mental health with sustainable work practices,
  • Learn the top sources of unhappiness, stress, and burnout… and the best ways to deal with them,
  • Use the “Play History” exercise to rediscover our natural sources of happiness (interactive discussion),
  • Use the “Remove Your Anchors” exercise to determine our biggest stressors and how to eliminate them,
  • Use the “28-Days of Gratitude” exercise, which is proven to be more effective than Prozac in staving off depression,
  • Play fun improv games (dolphin training, ball) that facilitate non-judgmental teamwork,
  • Learn why the CEO of Burton has 100 days of play built into his contract,
  • Have their serotonin (happiness) skyrocket through 20-second hugs with their co-workers (optional),
  • Learn “Tension Releasing Exercises,” a series of light stretches for highly stressed people to release their body’s chronic tension,
  • Go outside, get sunshine and fresh air, and play games with their co-workers!

The first half of this workshop begins with a personal story — how I unwittingly burned myself out while working with multiple bestselling authors and launching a startup (you can read the full story by clicking here). I will reveal the simple changes I made to my daily routine that took me from “broken, nervous wreck, totally unproductive” to “happy, creative, excited at work”:

Within the first hour of this presentation, attendees will understand how they can easily increase their happiness at work, improve their morale, and find joy in collaborating with their peers. An interactive discussion with exercises will ensue.

We’ll wrap up the first half with two TED talks. The first is by Dr. Peter Gray, which reveals that our society’s rise in mental disorders is heavily correlated with our dramatic decline in play. The second is by Kirk Parson — a Naval Special Warfare’s expert on Sleep Medicine — which covers the detrimental effects of our society’s chronic sleep deficit.

Key Takeaways: Play is NOT frivolous; Sleep is NOT for the weak. They are essential to mental health and our ability to work.

The second half of the workshop will be of particular interest to executives and managers. We will explore the notion that the DNA of the world’s most profitable and innovative companies is deeply rooted in human play. Many of our society’s most influential executives and inventors have one thing in common: they create businesses that revolve around their own fun.

First, we’ll present a series of quotes to show how our most creative peak performers channeled their powers through play:

After that, attendees will break into smaller groups to do an interactive exercise that will help them plan and incorporate elements of play into their work routine. As a bonus, they will receive a list of suggested play activities in their immediate area (including details on costs, schedule, and location). Finally, the workshop will dive into “recess” and complete the day with a series of team-building play exercises.

The Guarantee

Charlie’s workshop — ”Play It Away” — is guaranteed to be effective, entertaining, and empowering. If participants don’t feel that the program has equipped them with the tools, knowledge, and insights they need to relieve stress, prevent burnout, and boost creativity, then they can request a full “no questions asked” refund.

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